Introducing our Summer Interns: Margaux Rawson!

Meet Margaux

School: Cornell University, Class of ’25

Major: Communication with a minor in business.


Vice President of Brotherhood for a professional entrepreneurship fraternity, Epsilaun Nau Tau

Big Red Buddies, a volunteer organization at local elementary schools to foster a fun learning environment and teach sports to elementary school kids monthly

Cornell mentoring program connecting students with alumni and creating a community for post-grad students

I decided to work at LLB because:

Being a student-athlete at Cornell and competing in soccer and track since I was five years old, I understand that sports instilled confidence in me that I would not have received without playing them. I wanted to help do the same thing for young girls who were in the same position as me and have an even better experience, and I knew Live Live Blaine could help me achieve that. Furthermore, Blaine passed nine years ago due to a rare heart anomaly. Last summer one of my best friends from high school passed from the same thing unexpectedly. When I heard about Blaine’s story I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of and help keep her spirit alive in spite of this horrifying outcome.

What does being a leader mean to you?

Being a leader is not about what you do one time in front of everyone, but it is about the slow, long, and hard work that you put in time and time again. It is exhibiting discipline, consistency, and hard work to yourself before everyone else. It’s about the extra training you do on your off days. It’s about recovery and ice baths, and seeing the trainers even when you’re healthy. It’s about checking in on all your teammates even when you butt heads and never letting them give up on themselves.

Margaux’s favorite experience at LLB was:

Our Welcome Dinner for the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy. After a couple of long weeks of getting all the girls organized and ready to attend, it was so rewarding to put faces to names. We got to play some games with them and chat about their expectations for the camp. It was reassuring to know that the girls would not be alone at camp now; they would know not 1, but 15 familiar faces as they attended this intensive training camp!