Introducing Our Summer Interns: Ella Sage!

Meet Ella

School: Boston University Class of 2027

Major: Advertising


Penn Charter Field Hockey

Penn Charter’s Wednesday Weekly Co-producer & Editor

Penn Charter Admissions Clerk & Video Editor

I decided to work at LLB because:

I learned about Live Like Blaine through Penn Charter faculty who taught Blaine and thought it would be a great fit for my senior project. After doing more research into the Foundation, I reached out to Jill to see if I could work here for my project. After speaking to her on Zoom and hearing more about LLB’s work, mission, and effect on girls, I was inspired by the hard work, passion, and dedication that goes into each program at LLB. I was so excited to be able to continue working at LLB during the summer and see and be a part of more of the amazing work they do!

What does being a leader mean to you?

Being a leader is about being a positive presence for your teammates and the people around you, whether that’s screaming for them on the field or being a helping hand when someone needs it. Being a leader is also listening to those around you and learning from your peers!

Ella’s favorite experience at LLB was:

My favorite part about working at LLB was definitely the Leaders are Made program at the Harlem Lacrosse Summer Camp. I already knew a few of the girls from JFSLA camp but was able to connect with so many girls throughout the four weeks. It was so amazing seeing them grow as leaders! I also loved participating in some of the activities!