Burpees for Blaine Fitness Challenge

To kickoff Live Like Blaine, we are running a fitness challenge that combines fun and friendly competition, both of which Blaine loved. There are several different fitness options to choose from that will challenge any type of athlete – no gym membership required! We are offering two individual challenges as well as two team challenges so there are many ways to participate. Bottom line is that they all involve doing burpees for Blaine. By the end of the challenge, you will be in better shape and hopefully have made some new personal connections with others doing the challenge. As icing on the cake, you will have raised money for a good cause and had a lot of FUN along the way – just the way Blaine would have liked it.

Burpees for Blaine will officially begin on March 22, 2015 (Blaine’s birthday) and continue for 30 days through April 21, 2015 for all but the Super Challenge which will last for 100 days.

learn more about the Individual Challenges

learn more about the Team Challenges

We hope this will be a fun way to challenge yourself for a great cause. Let’s make Blaine proud!

How to do a burpee

Connect With Us

In order to make this more exciting, we ask that you post pictures and videos of yourself and friends “Doing Burpees for Blaine” on Facebook and Instagram during the challenge or email them to contact@livelikeblaine.org. Be sure to like Live Like Blaine on Facebook and tag us with #LiveLikeBlaine on Instagram!  Participants will have the opportunity to win bragging rights for the Most Liked Video on Facebook, Highest Cumulative Number of Burpees Performed and the Highest Amount of Donations Raised.

Projects We Support

In addition to supporting future projects of Live Like Blaine, proceeds from the burpee challenges will go to support at least two deserving organizations which advance our mission of empowering and inspiring young women to become leaders through fitness and athletics. These are the Julie Foudy Leadership Foundation (www.foudyleadershipfoundation.org) and Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (www.bawsi.org).