Introducing Our Summer Interns: Ella Sage!

Meet Ella

School: Boston University Class of 2027

Major: Advertising


Penn Charter Field Hockey

Penn Charter’s Wednesday Weekly Co-producer & Editor

Penn Charter Admissions Clerk & Video Editor

I decided to work at LLB because:

I learned about Live Like Blaine through Penn Charter faculty who taught Blaine and thought it would be a great fit for my senior project. After doing more research into the Foundation, I reached out to Jill to see if I could work here for my project. After speaking to her on Zoom and hearing more about LLB’s work, mission, and effect on girls, I was inspired by the hard work, passion, and dedication that goes into each program at LLB. I was so excited to be able to continue working at LLB during the summer and see and be a part of more of the amazing work they do!

What does being a leader mean to you?

Being a leader is about being a positive presence for your teammates and the people around you, whether that’s screaming for them on the field or being a helping hand when someone needs it. Being a leader is also listening to those around you and learning from your peers!

Ella’s favorite experience at LLB was:

My favorite part about working at LLB was definitely the Leaders are Made program at the Harlem Lacrosse Summer Camp. I already knew a few of the girls from JFSLA camp but was able to connect with so many girls throughout the four weeks. It was so amazing seeing them grow as leaders! I also loved participating in some of the activities!

Introducing our Summer Interns: Robyn Thompson!

Meet Robyn

School: Princeton University Class of ’24 -> Field Hockey Team

Major: Political Science

I decided to work at LLB because:

Having competed in various sports my whole life, I am grateful for the impact that they have had on my own growth and confidence, and I am conscious of the similar effect that they often have on other young girls. I sincerely believe that we, as girls, do not need to be given a voice; we have a voice, and we just need to be empowered to use it. The work of the Live Like Blaine Foundation has and continues to support many girls from a variety of backgrounds in their journey to becoming confident young leaders, and I am extremely excited and grateful to be able to contribute to the foundation and it’s mission.

What does being a leader mean to you?

To me, being a leader means more than just holding a position of authority; it involves inspiring and guiding others toward a common goal. True leaders exhibit empathy, communication skills, and a vision that motivates their team. They lead by example, fostering a level of trust and respect amongst their peers. A leader is accountable, taking responsibility for the actions of themselves and others. Most importantly, a leader empowers others and encourages growth and, as a result, leaves a positive impact on the people and the organization they lead.

Robyn’s Favorite Experience at LLB was:

My favourite part of working for LLB so far has been connecting with so many young girls throughout their application process for the Leadership Academy. It has been so rewarding for me to learn about the unique and individual experiences of the applicants, all from various backgrounds and all with different attributes that they bring to the table.

“Leaders Are Made” Recap

For the past four weeks, we have been instilling leadership principles through our “Leaders are Made” program at the Harlem Lacrosse Summer Academy. Each day focused on a different LLB value consisting of interactive activities like mindfulness, relay races, and even creating your own brand! Our coaches started each day with a different mindfulness breathing activity and journaling prompt. Some prompts the girls had to answer were:
– What is something you experienced today that made you happy?
– What are some characteristics of a good teammate?
– Where is a place you feel the most calm?

From active listening exercises to an exciting game of “taboo” the girls expanded their communication skills in interactive games, exercises, and discussions. They strengthened their team-building skills for on and off-the-field teamwork. The human alphabet and relay races were the girls’ favorites. Two days of our programming were dedicated to learning about energy fuel tanks. First, they learned to understand when their energy tanks felt full/empty and how to handle those situations. They also illustrated their own fuel tanks which represented that day’s energy levels.

Curious to see more from Leaders Are Made? Check out this short video about the program!